Working with data more efficiently becomes easy with data room services

In this article, we will discuss the key points of using a Data Room.

What opportunities does the Data Room provide?

The days when companies created server rooms with their own equipment are gradually passing. Cumbersome expensive technology is being replaced by virtual machines, which make more efficient use of the company’s money and time resources and allow you to install any software. Virtualization of physical equipment saves space and kilometers of wires around the world.

Initially, Data Rooms were used only by lawyers to meet with clients. Today, a wide range of business people, lawyers, and accountants also use them as a cost-effective and efficient methodology for reviewing documents without the need to obtain physical copies or even a physical meeting room.

The data room services contain strictly confidential data and documents with restrictions and controlled access to viewing, copying, or printing. The set time is planned for login and viewing of documents and data. It allows regulators and investors to access documents in a timely manner within the permitted period of time. With the current speed and efficiency of document retrieval, VDR can pay for one M&A (merger and acquisition) transaction.

The main function of the virtual data room is to provide access to secure documents for authorized users through a dedicated website.

Network virtualization

When it comes to the abstraction of traditional data center components in virtualization, the first candidate is the network. Without the ability to interconnect all devices, you would simply have a room full of isolated computers. In general, in the traditional sense, building a data center can quickly become a daunting task. But once the network is virtualized, you can easily manage its nodes and keep the communications and capabilities of the entire data center under control.

The advantages of creating a Data Room for companies

With centralized management of all information and the corporate network, your company will receive:

  • high level of reliable operation of the entire IT infrastructure;
  • increase the efficiency of employees, because now all operations and data are processed much faster;
  • high level of customer service;
  • high protection of corporate data from cyber and external threats;
  • ability to automate routine business processes;
  • opportunity to introduce new technologies and expand the system;
  • savings on the management of the company’s IT system.

However, the most important advantage that you get with a virtual data room is complete control. The VDR allows managing access rights for different users and groups. As a rule, modern EVA has synchronization with AD / LDAP. Neither FTP nor public storage will be able to provide you with such an opportunity. Using DRM protection technology, you have the power to revoke the right to access a document even after it has already been outside the corporate network. You can learn more about the functionality of the room during the free test period. Leave a request on the website and take an important step to ensure the information security of your company.


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