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Best Torrent App for Android

What is a Torrent?

When you hear the word “torrent”, I know what flashes in your mind is your computer, that torrent site and the app you love to use when you download them. And for those who don’t know what a torrent is;

A torrent in internet terms simply means a file that contains information about the locations of whatever resources you are looking to download. In basic terms, it means a file that helps you find and download the videos, books, apps and games, and other resources you need.  

How to download Torrent on android?

To download torrents, you need a special app on your computer or mobile phone. There are a lot of torrent downloader apps available online, with various levels of efficiency and effectiveness. So, in this article, we?re going to discuss the best torrent apps for android devices.

Having realized that the choice of torrent apps available online is limitless, some of the best apps you can use to download torrents on your android devices include; BitTorrent, µTorrent, Flud, tTorrent, Vuze and aDownloader to mention just a few.

1. BitTorrent App

BitTorrent has to be one of the best torrent clients of all time on Windows and Mac, the same thing can be said about the android mobile app. Sporting a vibrant and elegant design, BitTorrent enables you to download torrent files with magnetic links. There are other smart features like the Wi-Fi only mode which helps you conserve data, power saver mode that stops torrent downloads when the battery level reaches a specific capacity and so much more. You can install it from the Google Play Store and enjoy the best of torrents from your smartphone.

2. µTorrent

With µTorrent, you are getting one of the best torrent downloader apps for android. Powered by BitTorrent, µTorrent allows you to download as much as you possibly can as there are no download limits. You can also add torrents through the quick search tab or by using a magnet link. You can also pause your torrents with the visible play/pause buttons at the top of the screen.

3. Flud

Flud is a great app for downloading heavy torrent files. It has limitless download and upload speeds and a very organized interface that allows you to pause and resume as well as prioritize your downloads. You can customize the user interface with themes to suit your preferences. It has a WIFI only mode that helps to conserve data, it also works well with proxy and encryption. So, heavy downloads, incredible speeds, customizable interface, this app has all you will ever really need.

4. tTorrent Lite

tTorrent lite is another amazing torrent app you should use to download torrents on android. It downloads torrents at amazing speeds, it supports mobile browser integration, it works pretty good with proxy, IP filtering and encryption. You can also add torrents quickly through the quick search function in the app.

5. Vuze

Vuze makes it comfortable to add torrents by conducting quick search queries for files in its huge repository of indexed files and other torrent and P2P networks. It is an excellent torrent downloader coupled with a built in HD video player that also allows users to stream content directly without the need to download it.

There you have a quick list of some of the best torrent apps for android. Downloading torrents with any of these apps on your phone or tablet will definitely be a refreshing experience.


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