How to Torrent Safely

What is a torrent used for?

Torrents are a means of downloading files from numerous users just like you as opposed to connecting to a major website for the download to take place. When torrenting, the file is not downloaded from a single source or website, rather, the file is being transferred by tens or even hundreds of users who have the file in their PCs.

This gives for a smooth transfer of files without putting much load on a website (if it were to be downloaded). Also, in torrenting, the users collectively bear the stress of uploading files so you need not worry about file hosting.

Is Torrenting safe?

However, it is important to note that with time, torrenting became an illegal act owing to the fact that pirated contents are being circulated from user to user. And in view of this, ISPs and copyright holders found it easy to track the IP addresses of those using torrents and they were prosecuted as appropriate for illegal file sharing.

Well, this does not mean that people have stopped using torrents as there are people who are still using and there are people who want to learn how to use torrents. This us because it is the fastest and efficient way to share, download, and manage large files.

If you want to know if torrenting is safe or legal, I’d like to tell you that it is very safe and legal. As mentioned earlier, torrenting is a process of sharing files amongst users- which can be likened to attaching a file to send via email.

As legal as it is, we have to keep in mind that most contents- movies, books, music and the likes, shared through torrents are copyrighted and we all know that the transfer of these contents for free is illegal just because the copyright law does not support it. Hence, it is not torrenting that is illegal, it is the contents being shared that is illegal.

Now that all that is said, let us examine the tips you have to note so you can download torrents safely.

  1. A VPN is necessary

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service while using torrents is an important way to stay safe. This is because a VPN will help you change or hide your IP address so you can stay anonymous while downloading torrents. If you are using illegal torrents, do not forget to use a VPN.

  1. Use Legal Torrents

Legal torrents are another way to stay safe while downloading torrents. There are quite a number of legal torrents out there that you can make use of so be sure to search for one that suits your preference.

  1. Download Torrents from Verified Websites

It is one thing to download torrents and it is another thing to download torrents without threats. These threats however are not threats from copyright holders or ISPs, they are threats from malicious websites and viruses. In order to download torrents without fear of getting your personal computers attacked by malwares or viruses, download from trusted websites only.