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Harry Brown’s Review of Business Antivirus Software

Does business need an antivirus program installed on every computer nowadays? Without a doubt, yes. As businesses grow, their digital aspects grow as well: the client base, the number of important documents and files, credit card data, payment info, etc. Nobody wants to lose everything in a single moment due to the computer virus that invades the corporate network. Nowadays, any business has to work online to be successful. This means, every firm, from small local stores and service providers to international corporations, is connected to the global network and vulnerable before external threads.

In addition to standard viruses, worms and Trojans, there are such methods as directed attacks, blockers and ransomware agents, spam senders and phishing attacks. Not all viruses infiltrate the system on their own, human factor works here as well. At the same time, a usual antivirus solution is unable to stop all existing viruses. This means, a business needs a complex, all-in-one app to maximally decrease the probability of a virus sneaking into the corporate system.

This Harry Brown’s review of business antivirus software shows most popular and reliable solutions offered on the market nowadays.


Among McAfee corporate solutions, the McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB product deserves special attention. It is an integrated automated app letting you protect the business from cyber threats without spending money to keep the entire Internet security department.

McAfee is a flexible thread to protect network endpoints, documents and email communication. It is possible to set the security up either on the local server or a cloud, and you don’t need to be an information security specialist to do that, configure and support the complex. The solution by McAfee has all the necessary modules to protect your business data from frauds and cybercriminals.


Bitdefender supported by Romanian developers is another bright antivirus solution. The antivirus core they created is used in many other apps all over the world, and this fact itself is a solid proof of quality and reliability. It is important to note that Bitdefender has the top sold core licenses. There are solutions for desktop and laptop PCs, mobile devices and corporate networks. All the Bitdefender antivirus propositions have scanning modules, including the real-time one, file control, active Internet surfing protection, anti-spam, etc.


ESET is the international cybersecurity developer, the deserved industry leader with multiple years of history and experience. Its peak of popularity was back in early 2000’s when their NOD32 solution had been used on probably half of computers all over the planet. The company keeps an eye on trends, and offers affordable home computer protection solutions along with the software complexes to build 24/7 protection systems for businesses. The corporate propositions of ESES include a wide choice of products, starting with the simplest ESET NOD32 Small Business Pack, and ending with specialized, custom file server solutions.  

The most advanced and powerful pack is the ESET NOD32 Secure Enterprise. It is a set of modules with the unified control panel that protects all devices and nods inside the corporate network from breakages. In addition to standard methods and modules, there is the intelligent phishing protection module able to notify the phishing links in the email even before the user opens the message.

It is a scalable app that can be used in small businesses and big corporate networks without losing in quality and performance.

Of course, it’s up to you which app to use to protect your business. These were some of the popular and reliable antivirus programs. Choose one of them, and don’t worry about your corporate data security.


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