How to Open Torrent Files

It is one thing to download a torrent file, it is another thing to know how to use it. Torrents are an easy way to download files and share the files with other people over the internet. If you have visited any torrent sites in the past, you would notice that the file attached to the description of the movie or music or game you really want is a small sized file with a .torrent extension.

That small file is not what you want, but you need it to point your computer or mobile device in the directions where the file you need are located. A torrent file is merely some sort of key to unlock the information you need about the locations of the movie or other files you’re looking for. This .torrent file cannot be opened in your web browser or phone browser, you need to have some apps specifically developed to make sense of the information contained in these torrent files and help you download the files you really want. These apps are called torrent clients/apps.

Some of the best torrent clients you can use to open torrent files include BitTorrent, Vuze, uTorrent and many more torrent apps made for Windows, Mac OS and Android devices.

What is BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a torrent app that helps you download files easily. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and other popular platforms. You can add torrents through the quick search option available in the app. It is small in size so it won’t put a lot of pressure on your CPU. Check it out now and find out more.

What is uTorrent?

uTorrent is another awesome torrent client that makes it extremely easy to open torrent files and download files at incredible speeds. It is developed and powered by BitTorrent and it comes with some fantastic features. You get a lightweight app capable of doing all you would need in a torrent app.

What is Vuze?

Vuze is a P2P file sharing giant that helps to download torrent files. Vuze has a huge database of files that you can search through with the quick search feature, it also comes with great features, it allows you to manage your downloads, you can set download and upload speeds, you can set it up to notify you when it completes a download. On Android, you can set it to Wi-Fi only mode so that it helps to save your mobile data.

How to secure your files?

It is very much advisable to get a strong antivirus on your device to safeguard you from malicious content that might be included in the torrent files you want to download, since the file you’re looking to download is located on someone else’s computer and you may not know their intentions.

You can also open torrent files using online torrent downloader sites like Seedr, Filestream and ZBIGZ. These sites help you download the torrent data to their own servers so you can go ahead and download it with your web browser like it’s a normal file.

You can use a file editor on your PC to view the .torrent file as a text file. This just enables you to see the metadata the file contains; however, this doesn’t mean it contain the files you really need. You’ll still need a torrent app or an online torrent downloader to get your files downloaded.