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Best Torrent Client for Mac

The Mac os is an exclusive platform developed by Apple Inc to rival Microsoft’s Windows os. It is the second most popular operating system after Windows and It was designed to power the array of Macintosh computers also developed by Apple Inc.

Downloading apps, games, videos and books with torrents is easy. You can manage your downloads simply by getting a good torrent client and a stable internet connection. Torrent clients abound in their hundreds but some are no doubt better than others. In this article, I will highlight some of the best torrent clients for Mac.


uTorrent is one of the best torrent apps you can use to manage your torrents on Mac. It is small in size, with a user-friendly interface. It can be used directly from a flash drive which makes it lightweight and it puts very little pressure on your computer’s resources. You can search for torrents directly from the app. You can also schedule your downloads and order them with different levels of priority. With uTorrent, you’ll get fast downloads without disturbing the performance of your other applications.

Xtorrent P2P

If you want the best torrent app in terms of user-friendliness, elegant interface and great performance; then you need the Xtorrent P2P app. It has an eye-catching interface, with well-structured sections to help you download torrents easily. It’s available for free and there’s also a paid version. The download speed in the free version might be a bit unsatisfactory for lovers of speed, if that’s your case, you can purchase the premium version to unleash its full speed.

BitTorrent Client App

BitTorrent for Mac is another fantastic torrent app you can use on the Mac platform. It offers the best torrent streaming features right from the app. You can download torrents at incredible speeds, stream your torrents from the app, and prioritize your downloads. The app is available in different languages, light in size and requires minimal CPU resources to function optimally. It doesn’t have ads and it is completely free to use.


Folx is a great torrent app you can use for mac. The user interface is beautifully designed, small in size and offers some really juicy features. You can initiate downloads from magnet links and trackers. You can also set download and upload speeds and prioritize your downloads. When you get the pro version, you can search for torrents directly from the app, making it even easier to download torrents.

Vuze for Mac

Vuze is a great torrent client for Mac os X with some fantastic features. You get all the regular features of a torrent app with the added function of being able to organize your torrent downloads from a remote location. This means that you can control your torrents on Mac from your mobile phone once you sync them. Vuze also comes with an HD video player which means you can also stream your torrents directly from the app or remotely from your synced devices. You can also add multiple subtitles to your downloaded videos.

With any of these torrent apps, you can expect the best torrenting experience from your Mac computer.


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