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What is a Torrent?

The word “torrent” when related to technology simply means a computer file that consists of a metadata with numerous information. Usually, a torrent file comes with an extension but it does not have the contents needed which is why the information has to be used by a BitTorrent software for the actual distribution and this distribution is what will make it easy for users to download torrent files into their computers.

Have I use IP while torrenting?

Well, as good as torrenting sounds, downloading torrents is somewhat dangerous in that your IP address is visible to those you share the connection with. In most cases, some companies hire people to go in and take note of all the IP addresses downloading torrents so they can be passed to the ISPs. The ISPs will then in turn make a deal with the law enforcement agencies so as to protect the file from being accessible and downloaded. Given this, it is advisable that you connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service which would help you change your IP address thereby making you anonymous while downloading torrents. Check CyberGhost for torrenting like one of the best vpn for torrenting

A torrent file serves as an initiator to downloading real online contents such as books, document, music, movies and so on. Hence, to make the download fast, the user must first obtain the torrent file he or she wants to download by downloading the torrent file and after that is done, a BitTorrent software will be used to open the file.

After opening and scanning, it then goes further to establish a direct connection and when successful, the content will start transferring. Torrentting is now widely recognized as it was estimated in recent years that about 3.35% of the internet traffic was done through the BitTorrent software, amounting to over 170million users on a monthly basis.

It is often misunderstood as an actual download but it is not. When torrenting, the file is not being downloaded from a single source, rather, it is being transferred by numerous users who have that file in their personal computers. It allows a number of users to connect and share their files without being dependent on one source- website.

Torrenting allows for the smooth and fast transfer of contents between people with each person acting as a “server” which eventually helps to reduce the traffic and load on a website -if everyone were to download from there. The two most common types of torrenting software (used to find torrent files) are Kickass Torrents and The Pirate Bay. These two websites are so popular in the tech world but due to the fact that they were getting shut down a lot in recent times, this gave rise to other sites to kick-start their own torrenting activities too (so you can find other sites for torrenting).

Although torrenting is legal, the fact that pirated contents are being widely circulated has made it more or less an illegal thing to do. What this means is that before you establish any torrent connection, be sure of the content you are looking to download if it is legal or not.


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