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Mac fans will say that devices on macOS do not need antivirus software and will be right. The operating system developed by Apple is superior to Windows security. The fact is that it consists of many separate, isolated cells. If a virus enters one of them, it cannot spread further and reach the heart of the system. In addition, an important factor – the fact that computers running on Windows are much more than using Macs. Based on this, it is more profitable for hackers to create viruses for the software with which you can get the maximum benefit.

On the other hand, Macs are becoming more popular and this attracts malware developers. Statistics confirm this fact. Annually cases of malicious threats on Mac grow hundreds of time. Therefore, if your work involves a permanent job on the Internet, receiving and transferring files – you should think about security and be safe in order to avoid material damage from malware.

Top 5 of Best antiviruses for Mac

In general, select the best antivirus for Mac task is not easy. The fact is that finding the correct result is possible only by testing. But we reviewed the ratings and user reviews, as well as read some research and found that the best antivirus are:

  • Norton Security for Mac. Norton has long been involved in the defense of the Mac system. The application is able to provide real-time protection and blocks any malware. Especially for the Safari browser, the application offers its Safe Web plugin. In addition to a simple and unobtrusive interface, the application also offers a password manager.
  • Sophos Antivirus for Mac. This antivirus has one indisputable advantage for non-commercial and general users – the basic version is free. In this case, the user receives protection against viruses, the parent filter of sites, protection in the network from known dangerous sites and the ability to the remote control. For enhanced protection and access for more than 10 devices, we offer to buy a premium account.
  • Antivirus Zap for Mac. Antivirus is available in the Mac App Store. This antivirus provides the user with the ability to make decisions about protecting the computer. When to start checking how deep it should go, what antiviruses need to be removed, etc. Despite the fact that there is no real-time protection, the program works very effectively.
  • Intego Mac Internet Security X9. The system scan program takes 30 minutes; Scheduled and real-time scanning is enabled by default; You can disable non-Mac OS virus detection.
  • Avira Antivirus for Mac. Features: antivirus allows you to scan games and entertainment applications, as well as the contents of USB media.

These were the five top-rated antiviruses for computer users from Apple.


We do not give recommendations on which product to choose but provide information to users. We hope it helps you make your choice. We also draw readers’ attention to the fact that this review is collective and demonstrates the popularity of this software. The answer to the question of how well these products perform their functions can only be obtained as a result of objective testing.


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